Open Your Eyes 

35-40 Year Cycle nearing or is at upper resistance seen by supply line measured from mid-1800s. Current cycle started in 1980 in a 5 wave count called elliot theory. If we are correct, a contraction wave perhaps A-B-C in form is next.

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US Productivity topped out in the early 2000’s. China has or is currently topping out. Has globalization met it’s peak?

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Central Banks Print $180 billion to maintain the status quo. Create the illusion of everything is fine. The inventible is coming, it’s just been delayed for 8 or so years in the zero lower bound.


When fundamentals and fair market value become wide. This will lead to a liquidity gap reversion. Never ends well.


MSCI World Stocks are included as central bank balance sheets expand the distortion of fundamentals continues.


If the FED was to raise in Sept’16 or Dec’16 it would be a major policy error as GDP estimates crash for FY’16.


The end game is nearing. Which fish bowl will you be in ?

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