Analyst Vallee Signals Warning In Retail

The “core” PCE price index  is used to track personal consumption expenditures prices ex food and energy prices. Mr. Vallee shows us a great chart of core PCE y/y with a rolling top starting in the 2H16. Essentially this tells us that the household in America is struggling to consume…

Labor Market Breadth is used as a forward indicator for retail sales. Not Good!

Mr. Vallee stresses that Amazon is not the reason for the negative divergence in XRT verse SPX500. He says “all have online offerings and private label”… We’re going to add there are 96 million people out of the workforce is perhaps the problem..

American theaters YTD have taken a nasty spill. The analyst makes it clear that it’s not Netflix… In our opinion, when you hear Amazon or Netflix it’s the half truth mainstream narrative..

The ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment Rate for July 2017 is 22.1%.

Conclusion: BLS and other government agencies are wasting time underreporting the truth economic landscape of America….