Baltimore’s Homeless Erect Modern Day ‘Hooverville’ Tent City On The Front Lawn of City Hall

 Baltimore’s homeless have erected a modern day ‘Hooverville’, or better yet a ‘Trumpville’ on the front lawn of Baltimore’s City Hall. 

The tent city demands are the following:

  • Economics: 21st Century Jobs Guarantee Program
  • Criminal & Social Justice: Support for Power Consulting to become DOJ consent decree monitor
  • Housing: City Wide Housing First Program Changes in Homeless Shelter Policy

Organizers of the tent city explained to me that the ACLU is carefully monitoring the situation, and says less than 30 tents are perfectly legal. As long as there is order in the tent city, this temporary town of the homeless can stay erected…

Hooverville 1932 verse Trumpville 2017. Same shit different decade……

This is all comes at a time where 50-years of democratic controlled leadership in Baltimore, along with decades of deindustrialization have completely destroyed the city’s economy and the middle class. The city is now left with violent crime some of the highest in the United States and a public health crisis of opioids destroying the citizens from with-in. Nearly 1/3 of black households have a net worth of zero and an unemployment rate 3x higher than whites. The wealth inequality gap in Baltimore serves as a warning of where this country is headed.

Earlier this year, Trump said there are 96 million people out of the labor force. This summer the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the unemployment data at an ultra low level of 4.3%. Again something doesn’t smell right.. ShadowStats.com on the other hand offers a different unemployment rate of 22.1%.

We should now understand US productivity peaked in 1972. Ever since then, the trend has been in a terminal decline with short lived booms in the 1990’s. For instance in Baltimore, democratic leadership coupled with decades of deindustrialization have gutted the city of it’s wealth instilling chaos and death on city streets. Baltimore is not an anomaly, but is a trend that is seen in Detroit, St. Louis, ect…. Restoring America’s inner cities is the key to slowing the momentum of declining productivity in our nation.. If not, the glide path will continue signaling the decline of an empire.

What I’m about to share with you is an inside view of the Baltimore’s homeless erecting a modern day ‘Hooverville’ tent city on the front lawn of city hall. The mainstream media is not allowed to show you this because it destroys the narrative the everything is awesome in Baltimore. In the second half of the video, I interview ‘Kenneth’, the organizer of the tent city. He offers his view on Baltimore’s economy…. Spoiler alert it’s not good.


Bonus: PT 2: What an interview…..