Here’s How Much of Your Taxes Have Gone To Pay For Wars Since 9/11

The US Department of Defense has just published a report titled: “Estimated Cost to Each U.S. Taxpayer of Each of the Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria”. DOD ‘estimates’ just $1.5 trillion has been spent on America’s endless wars since the World Trade Centers fell–16 years ago.

Diving into the two page report. The cumulative estimated cost of the 16 year war in the Middle East has cost each taxpayer $7,500.

According to Defense One, Americans paid the most for the wars in 2010, an average of $767 per taxpayer. Since the peak, the annual amount has declined to $289 this fiscal year and $281 projected for 2018.

On the other hand, the Watson Institute at Brown U. tells a different story of the actual cost of war coming in at a staggering $4.8 trillion on a post 9/11 basis.

Back in 2005, Columbia University economist and former chief economist of the World Bank Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard University’s Linda Blimes, former US President George W. Bush’s economic adviser Larry Lindsey wrote a paper highlighting the cost of war would be capped around $200 billion.

As Sputnik News exclaims, “It now appears that Lindsey was indeed wrong – by grossly underestimating the costs, the economists wrote. Indeed, they determined that $750 billion to $1.2 trillion had been spent on the Iraq invasion alone, three years after the conflict started (2006). Now, 11 years after their paper, the Pentagon actually says that the Iraq, Afghan, and Syrian conflicts combined have summed just $1.5 trillion”.

On a historical basis, the Pentagon has had a checkered past when it comes to accounting. In 2001, Donald Rumsfeld told the American people, the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion or $8,000 per American citizen.

Fifteen years later, the Pentagon did it again and lost $6.5 trillion in an ‘accounting error’….

Conclusion: Considering the staggering amount of accounting inconsistencies inside the DOD. It’s hard to believe that wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria post 9/11 have cost $1.5 trillion or $7,700 per American taxpayer.


It will be interesting to see how the DOD pays for war with North Korea considering 7 in 10 Americans have less $1,000 in savings.