The Fourth Turning Remerges In Charlottesville

Virginia’s governor declared a state of emergency around noon today in response to a white nationalist rally breaking out with extreme violence.


” Fighting has broken out at a ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia between right-wing protesters demonstrating against the removal of a Confederate-era statue from Emancipation Park, and various groups of counter demonstrators.  The rally also aimed to protest against Charlottesville’s decision to rename downtown Lee Park, now called Emancipation Park, besides the statue removal.

Some 2,000 to 6,000 people are expected to attend the rally, which is expected to be one of the largest far-right gatherings in the U.S. in at least a decade”.

Clashes started this morning between ‘Unite the Right’ demonstrators and counter protestors erupting through city streets in Charlottesville.

Even ‘unidentified milita arrived with guns ‘

Conclusion: The widening division of the United States remerges in Charlottesville this weekend. We expect turbulence in the United States to expand as the Deep State is attempting to be purged from Washington, D.C. Whoever controls today’s narrative will rebuild America’s institutions after this Fourth Turning. The fight for power is real.