Here Is Your Opportunity To See Trump’s Prototype Walls

Most Americans have not yet seen President Trump’s prototype boarder walls. Alastair Williamson is one of the few journalist in the United States, who has gotten up and close to the walls. The area is staged left 1-1.5 miles of Paseo Internacional. There are eight prototypes of the wall now on display and ready for review via US Customs and Boarder Protection testing.

Last Wednesday, Alastair Williamson posted this video offering an aerial view:

And on Thursday, Alastair Williamson reported from the site from the Mexican side:

Diving further into Mexico, Alastair Williamson was able to capture a remarkable view of Tijuana, Mexico:

All and all, Alastair Williamson has captured an unique experience that no other journalist nor macro strategist has delivered on Trump’s prototype walls.