The Ugly Side of Preakness

When it comes to horse racing everyone has an opinion. In case you didn’t know, the 142nd running of the Preakness is this afternoon. It’s one of the most wagered-upon horse races in the world. A horse by the name of ‘Always Dreaming’ is attempting to take the second leg of the triple crown.

In this piece, my opinion is not about today’s horse race, but the community that surrounds Pimlico Race Track. How did one of America’s most prestigious and wealthiest events end up in the highest homicide region in the United States called ‘The Triangle of Death’? 

First, we need to understand the background of the community by analyzing Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, which is down the street from Pimlico Race Track. The area is plagued with low economic opportunity, high unemployment, and 33% vacant homes. 

According to the US Census, Baltimore City’s population falls, nearing a 100-year low. Notice the 50-year declining trend? That peak is called the ‘American High’, it’s a period where birth rates and industry exploded throughout American cities. Not so much anymore. What followed next were decades of globalism leading towards today’s end result in Baltimore City of socio-economic chaos.

SNAP Benefits Recipients in Baltimore City have recently surged to a two decade high.

Near decade decline in the Homeownership Rate for Baltimore City residents. What economic recovery?

Michael Snyder from The Economic Collapse blog sums up Baltimore City beautifully:

Baltimore city has been fracturing and fragmenting for 50 years because the status quo is failing the majority of the citizens. The industries which made Baltimore great left many decades ago, as the status quo protected it’s own, at the expense of everybody else. The socio-economic issues in Baltimore are a stark reminder if industry does not return this is coming to a town near you.

What I’m about to show you is a glimpse of economic reality in Baltimore City, Maryland at America’s most prestigious horse racing event called Preakness. During today’s coverage of the horse race, the mainstream media will not share with you that the event is located in the highest homicide area in the United States. One step outside the track, the community looks like a war zone where it’s been forgotten about for many decades. The video will demonstrate the wealth inequality gap plaguing Baltimore as the wealthiest of American’s descend into Baltimore’s ‘Triangle of Death’.