Three Charts That Scream “Growth is DEAD”

via GPC

Once again, the economy appears  to be roaring as it enters the late stages of a major credit expansion. Once again this late stage credit expansion is entering the inflationary blow off top. And once again, “growth” sectors of the markets are flashing that big trouble is lurking just beneath the surface.

Take a look at homebuilders vs. the S&P500. Does this scream “explosive growth” to you?

How about copper, the commodity so closely aligned with economic growth than it’s called “Dr. Copper.” Does this chart scream “roaring growth underway”?

And finally, take a look at Lumber vs. the S&P 500. Here again, we see that while stocks continue to hang on to all-time highs… an asset class that is closely aligned with REAL growth has completely imploded.

The above charts are telling us we’re now in the “late 2007” stage for the financial system.