EIA REPORT: Massive Crude Build, Large Crude Products Draw, Production Ticks Higher

DOE Report in mbbls for the week ending March 03, 2017 prints an extremely large build in crude +8.209 with large draws in crude products. Cushing builds +.0867 with a crude production soaring above psychological level >9.0.


Via Energy Basis: Current Cushing Working Capacity (in mbbls) for Week Ending March 3, 2017


Via Energy Basis: Gasoline Stocks (in mbbls) by PADD for Week Ending March 3, 2017


Via Energy Basis: Crude production rose by 0.056 mbpd to 9.088 mbpd, production is currently 0.010 mbpd higher YOY.


Via Energy Basis: Crude stocks rose by 8.209 mbbls to 528.39 mbbls, stocks are currently 37.55 mbbls higher YOY


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