$1.6 Billion Hedge Fund Is 50% In Cash
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“recovery rates of defaulted debt had plunged to record lows”
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The U.S. Economy: Bad Moon Rising
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S0 News: Meteors, Flare Fields, Comet Ice

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Americans: Eat Out ?
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Peter Schiff: It’s Not Bad News Until The Fed Says It’s Bad
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Three High Timeframe Technical Charts:
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S0 News: Major Earth Change, Cali Quake, MagStorm
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Morning Note September 2, 2016


Fri Sept 02, 16



The August Payrolls Report will be an important guideline for September’s rate hike probability. Here are the expectations by bank:

  • JPM +150k
  • Deutche Bank +160k
  • UBS +160K
  • Goldman +165k
  • Citi +170k
  • Wells +176k
  • BofA 180k
  • MS +185k
  • UBS +200k
  • Barclays +200k
  • Nomura +200k
  • CS +200k
  • SocGen +225k
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WARNING: S0 News:: Solar Storm, Earthquakes, Hurricane
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